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An Autobiography

Achievements / Contributions

Achievements / Contributions of Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil

A. Unique Philanthropist

Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil has quit a lucrative job and started his own business for the sole purpose of generating funds for charity. He might  be the only philanthropist in the country who ventured into the business scenario for generating funds for carrying out charitable activities. Initially, he started the noble act of helping the poor and needy patients in 1981 by setting apart a major portion of  his salary. As the number  increased, he realized the need for  having more funds, of his own at his disposal and that made him  to start his own small-scale industry in 1992.

B. Self Generated Funds

Normally one does charitable activities of mass involvement from the contributions received from the public or so Dr. Kurian john is an exception to the rule, in the sense that noble act of helping the poor, by having provided medical treatment to more than one lakh poor and needy patients by spending around sixty million Indian rupees, in less than two decades, has all been done by  utilizing only self generated funds.

C. Personal Involvement

All applicants, for medical assistance from the Melam Charities, are personally met and interviewed before disbursement of any assistance. This is a monthly ritual on every Second Saturday of the month and is organized at Melam Office, Melam Junction, Thiruvalla, kerala, India. Over the years, the number of applicants have increased at a rapid pace and people arrive from all parts of the state and elsewhere. He might  be the only humanitarian cum industrialist who sits along with his wife and two daughters to personally meet each and every patient / their relatives, however large the turnout is. He also provides  food on those days to the patients and their relatives.

D. Participation of Peoples Elected Representatives

The approach and methodology followed by Dr. Kurian john Melamparambil  and melam Charities is unique and rare as it involves the association of the Elected Peoples Representatives - Members of the State Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and the Members of the Indian Parliament (MPs). The involvement of these functionaries has now become a movement by itself and is very much an integral function of the assistance disbursement. These functionaries are actively involved in the process of identification and selection of the recipients, to whom the assistance is to be granted, from within their respective constituencies. This involvement and support from democratically elected leaders gain more significance, when one realize that they are involved in a wholly private activity with no Governmental funds or involvement. Besides 21 MP`s (both Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha) from the state of Kerala, 137 MLA`s out of 140  from the Kerala Legislative Assembly have already participated in the selection process of more than one lakh  patients.

E. Widespread Recognition

The continuous efforts and perseverance of Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil has resulted in establishing a network of more than 877  renowned hospitals across the State for providing specialized treatment to the sponsored patients with a 30 days credit period for reimbursement from him. This widespread treatment facility enables the patients to get a specialized treatment for their ailments at the hospital of their convenience. Extension of the credit facilities by over 877hospitals throughout the sate is testimony to the wide acceptance of the integrity and trustworthiness of  Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil.

F. Exemplary Entrepreneur

Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil, besides being a humanitarian, is an entrepreneur par excellence. He is the founder and chief promoter of  " MELAM " group of companies and has been bestowed with numerous awards in recognition of his social work and excellence in the field of business. The Vice Prsident of India honoured him with the National Award for Outstanding Enterpreneur in  the year 1997, instituted by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The successes of the commercial activities only goes towards strengthening of his social commitments.

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