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Awards and Recognitions

Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil, has received numerous awards in recognition of his excellence in the field of social work and business. A few of them are as follows:

PADMA SHRI AWARD 2010 conferred by Government of India in recognition of the distinguished service in the field of Social Work.

FOR THE SAKE OF HONOUR award conferred by the Rotary Club International in 2011 for exemplary performance in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

NATIONAL AWARD FOR THE OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEUR FOR THE YEAR 1997 from the Ministry of Industry, Government of India.

NATIONAL AWARD FOR THE OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN EXPORTS for four consecutive years from 1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-96 & 1996-97 from the Ministry of Commerce.

OUTSTANDING HUMANITARIAN MILLENNIUM AWARD from International YMCA, South West India Region, for outstanding humanitarian service to the society.

LION`S CLUB INTERNATIONAL`S EXCELLENCE AWARD in appreciation of the outstanding contribution in Social Work and Industry, in 2003.

HONOURED WITH DOCTORATE, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Social Work in recognition to his humanitarian activities by the Cosmopolitan University, Missouri, USA.

SREE GOKULAM EXCELLENCY AWARD for Social Service through Business in 2003.

OUTSTANDING SOCIAL WORKER AWARD 2004 - from Sri Sankaracharya Educational Trust, Kaladi, Kerala
HONOURED WITH DOCTORATE, `Doctor of Humanity` in recognition to his humanitarian activities by M/s Emmanuel Mission International, Kota in 2004.

LIONS EXCELLENCY AWARD 2004 for rendering selfless humanitarian service from The International Association of Lions Club.

JANASEVA DESHIYA PURASKARAM for Social Service and Humanitarian Activities from Trust of Mahatma Gandhi International Charities, Kerala in 2003.

GOLDSTAR MILLENIUM AWARD from Global Economic Council, New Delhi for the overall excellence in the field of business and remarkable contribution to the society.

RASHTRIYA RATAN AWARD 1999 for Social and Business Achievements.

JCI AWARD from Indian Junior Chamber for the outstanding Young Person for Humanitarian Services in 1994.

OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 1998 AWARD from Berchman`s Institute of Management Studies, M.G. University, Kottayam, Kerala.

GOLD STAR AWARD for Excellence in the field of industrial development in 1994 from The Institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi.

BHARAT VIKAS EXCELLENCE AWARD from the Council for National Development, New Delhi for the excellent outstanding achievements in the Spices Industry and for the contribution in national progress in 1997.

BEST CITIZENS OF INDIA AWARD for the spectacular performance in the Spices Industry by Best Citizens of India, New Delhi, in 1998.

NIRYAT RATTAN AWARD from Indian Council for Small and Medium Exporters, New Delhi, for the excellent performance in the business in 1994.

PRIDE OF INDIA AWARD for meritorious achievement in boosting individual morale to get further success on the front.

UDYOG RATNA AWARD from the Institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi.

INTERNATIONAL GOLD STAR AWARD FOR QUALITY 2007 from Business Initiative Directions, Spain.


ATHURASEVA RATNAM AWARD 2008 from Gandhibhavan International Trust for the Meritorious Service in the field of Social Work.

ADV. MAMMEN MATHAI M.L.A. MEMORIAL AWARD 2009 from Merchant`s Association for the meritorious service in the field of Social Work.

TIMES OF INDIA EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS AWARD 2009 from Times of India Group under Corporate Social Responsibility category.

RHEMA FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL AWARD 2010 from Rhema Foundation Inernational for the meritorious service in the field of Social Work.

KARMAKEERTHI PURASKARAM 2012 from Kalanidhi Centre for Arts, Culture and Research, Trivandrum for his numerous humanitarian services to the poor and needy patients (125 lakhs) through 910 hospitals in India.

VOICE OF GULF RETURNEES EXCELLENCE AWARD 2012 from Voice of Gulf Returnees under the category of Social Services

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