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Theory of Charity

Dr.Kurian John Melamparambil`s Theory of Charity:
Food, clothing and shelter are said to be the basic needs of a human being; but Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil differs in this. According to him, sound health to a person, both physically and mentally is what is primarily required to make him self dependent. Food, clothing and shelter come only next to that. If a person is healthy, he / she will be able to work and satisfy his / her needs. If a society has healthy people there will be self-dependency, and consequently there will also be less number of social problems / evils. So providing health to a person is of primary importance for a better civilized society. Thus " the healthier the society, the higher the self dependency, lesser the social problems / evils / crime, the richer in peace, prosperity and civilization".

To make this theory a reality Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil  advocates and practices that: Almost all are doing business with others money i.e., money from the public either from bank or from share holders depending upon the nature of the business. `Larger the business, higher the dependency on public fund`. Therefore an industrialist or businessman is not only an organizer cum custodian of the business but also the trustee of public money. Therefore the public has the right and he has the obligation to share the profit (depending upon the capacity of the business), he makes, with the needy. At present, Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil  sets apart a major portion of his income from the revenue received from his business. The principle behind the share of contribution of Dr.Kurian John Melamparambil to charity for helping in the treatment of poor and needy patients is `progressive`. As the income from his business increases, his share of contribution also increases ie. just like the principle of progressive taxation. He intends to contribute up to 90 % of his income depending upon his growth of revenue.

In a nut shell, "The income, one makes either from business, from employment or from any other source, is to be shared with the sick and the poor, to make them self dependant in their health to the maximum extent possible. So in general, "Selfless Service to humanity is the best work of life for a better world order". In nutshell, "Corporate Social responsibility is humanitarianism, not charity; but Social, Moral Obligation".

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