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Modus Operandi

The application form of Melam Charities is available on every Second Saturday at Melamparambil buildings, Melam Junction, Thiruvalla. The application form is divided into three parts:

Part - 1

The first part has to be filled in by the patient, which includes his / her personal details.

Part - 2

The second part has to be filled in by the hospital authorities i.e, by the concerned doctor, who treats the patient and it includes the nature of disease, duration and amount required for treatment.

Part - 3

The identification and selection of patients has to be done by the people`s elected representatives. Therefore, the third part has to be filled in and signed by local ward member / councilor and countersigned by concerned MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) / MP (Member of Parliament) to the effect that  he / she is eligible for treatment. In addition to this, the applicant should produce the attested copy of BPL ration card.

After covering the above said formalities, the applicant, through his relative or by himself, can submit the application at the office of Melam Charities on any second Saturday from 7.30 a.m

There, he / his relative will be interviewed personally by Dr.Kurian John Melamparambil  who assesses the nature of treatment required and the patient would be referred to the concerned hospital depending upon the nature of the disease. For e.g., a cancer patient would be sent to an institute like Regional Cancer Center, while a psychic patient would be sent to a mental hospital. The patient will be given a letter of sponsorship upto a maximum of 75 % of the amount required for his treatment. For e.g., if a psychic patient requires treatment of Rs 1000/- every month he would be provided with a sponsorship letter for Rs. 750/- to the concerned hospital. No cash is given directly to the patient. The hospital authorities after giving the treatment, would send the bill to Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil with 30 days credit and he settles the bill accordingly.

Once a needy patient is identified and selected for treatment he / she would be eligible for free medical treatment on a monthly basis till he / she recovers.

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