Kurian John Melamparambil'S Theory Of Social Responsibility



Gift of Nature

Whatever we enjoy in this wonderful world is a gift from nature: be it the air we breathe, the water we drink or the land we cultivate / hold. Some may argue that wealth is acquired with the talent one has. But, even the talents and capabilities are inherited, and no one has any control over it. For example, consider children born in the same family. The character, behavior, aptitude etc. are different among the children from the same parents. Hence, we must also be grateful and bear in mind that whatever we earn or accumulate on this beautiful earth is nothing but a gift of nature or God —Almighty.


Our existence itself is dependent on others. On earth, no one is given everything but talents / resources in varying proportion. For a smooth and peaceful co-existence, one must depend on others. For example, for bringing out a film song, a team of people with different talents will be involved - lyricist, music composer, singer, instrumentalists, music director etc.

All involved shares their resources / talents to bring out a single song. For peace and harmony in the society, joy of sharing should be propagated. The wealth/ resources one accumulates should be shared with the less fortunate.


Almost all are doing business with others money i.e. money from the public - either from bank or from shareholders depending upon the nature of the business. "Larger the business, higher is the dependency on public fund". Therefore, an industrialist or a businessman is not only an organizer cum custodian of the business but also the trustee of public money. Therefore, the public has the right and the business has the obligation to share its profit (depending up on the capacity of the business) to the needy i.e. "Social Responsibility is humanitarianism, not Charity, but Social and Moral obligation of each and every individual and institution".

"Health" - the only basic need:

Food, clothing and shelter are said to be the basic needs of a human being, but Kurian John Melamparambil differs on this concept. According to him, sound health to a person, both physical and mental is primarily required to make him self-dependent. Food, clothing and shelter comes only next. If a person is healthy, he / she will be able to work and satisfy his/her needs. If a society has healthy people, there will be self-dependency, and consequently there will also be a smaller number of social problems / evils. So, health is most important for a better civilized society. Thus "the healthier the society, the higher will be the self-dependency, lesser will be the social problems / evils / crime, the richer in peace, prosperity and civilization".

In a nutshell, "The income one makes either from business, from employment or from any other source, is to be shared with the sick and the poor, to make them self-dependent on health grounds to the maximum extent possible. Hence, "Selfless Service to humanity is the best work of life or a better world order and fora peaceful co-existence".

How to avail free medical treatment?

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