Our Stakeholders

In the last 35 years, Melam Foundation has grown from a few patients availing free treatment to a Community Engagement Program. Here is an overview of our Stakeholder Engagement:

Our patients

Over 1 lakh 58 thousand patients have availed medical assistance from Melam Foundation. Patients come from the nook and corner of Kerala and its neighboring States for medical aid.

People's Representatives - MLAs and MPs

The Foundation follows a distinctive approach of associating the elected People's Representatives —Councilors/Panchayath Members, Members of the State Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and the members of the Indian Parliament (MPs). The involvement of these functionaries has now become a movement by itself and is very much an integral function of the assistance disbursement. These functionaries are actively involved in the process of identification and selection of the recipients to whom the assistance is to be granted from within their respective constituencies. This involvement and support from democratically elected leaders gain more significance when one realizes that they are involved in a wholly private activity with no Governmental funds or involvement. 25 MPs (both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) from the State of Kerala, 138 MLAs out of 140 from the Kerala Legislative Assembly, and from the border district of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, and around 18,000 Councilors / Panchayath Members / Community Representatives in Kerala have already participated in the selection process.


Around 1500 doctors participated in the diagnosis and treatment of the patients. The patient's doctor is also required to attest and write a brief detail on the recommended treatment in the application form.


The Foundation has a strong network of around 1000 hospitals across the State of Kerala for providing specialized treatment to the sponsored patients. The patient is given the freedom to choose any hospital of his/her choice to avail treatment. The hospital provides a 30 days credit period for reimbursement from us. This widespread treatment facility enables the patients to get specialized treatments for their ailments at the hospital of their choice. Extension of the credit facilities by hospitals throughout the state is a testimony to the wide acceptance of the integrity and trustworthiness of the Foundation.